Jon Jones Now Blames Nameless Social Media Firm For IG Outburst

Honestly, with the way that the internet works and how the news cycle tends to wash stuff away within a few days, it would probably be a good idea for Jon Jones and Malki Kawa to drop the whole homophobic Instagram rant. It happened, people have formed their own opinions on what Jon Jones did or didn’t do and it’s over. It’s over.

Of course, in the minds of Jon Jones and Malki Kawa it isn’t over, oh no. See, first it was a stolen phone, then it was a hacked account, now it was a social media firm that handles Jon Jones’s account. The story had always washed itself out and this might make Jon Jones look LESS approachable and “real” admitting that he has other people post to social media, not him. [source]

“One of the guys that’s working for us took it into his own hands to reply to the fans some negative stuff,” Jones claimed in a recent post at Newsday. “I don’t know if the dude thought he was logged in under his name or if he knew he was logged in under my name. By the time I found out all that stuff had happened, it had been on the Internet for hours.”