More Jon Jones Instagram Drama

Someone take this guy’s phone away from him, because Jon Jones can at times do more harm than good when it comes to his social media presence. Trash talking against opponents? That’s okay. Taking things out on fans via Instagram? That’s not okay. At this point this has become a bit of a pattern for Jon Jones; get bored, fan insults you or questions you online, insult them, then delete it. The thing is, these fans are smart enough to take screenshots.

Here is the latest one.

No, we aren’t sure what this guy originally said to Jon Jones, but we do know that JJ’s reaction is a bit over the top and ridiculous for a guy of his stature. Everyone is human and the internet is a marvelous place, but it’s also a bit of a cesspool where people feel that they can insult whomever they please without repercussions. Jon Jones is human and I understand getting upset. Own up to it, though, don’t claim to be “hacked.”