Jon Jones Dispatches Chael Sonnen, Then Breaks His Toe

The only way to describe UFC 159 is to say that UFC 151 came from beyond the grave to make the entire show kind of comical. There were weird injuries that caused weird stoppages, a demon voice that kept popping up on the broadcast and UFC Light Heavyweight Jon Jones almost lost his championship to Chael Sonnen due to his big toe breaking. This is enough to make Joe Rogan make that Joe Rogan face. The fight went exactly as we all thought that it would; Jon Jones controlled the entire fight, took Chael Sonnen down at will and finally, mercifully ended it with a knee followed by some ground and pound.

After the fight, Joe Rogan went to interview Jon Jones, who then realized that his toe was broken and was going off in a weird direction. Jon Jones then stumbled around, almost fainted and Joe Rogan panicked and called for a stool for Jon. The doctors then attended to Jones while Rogan conducted an awkward interview with Jones looking uncomfortable. Now, for your viewing [dis]pleasure, here is Jon Jones’ toe.