Jon Jones: “I Will Try to Wrestle Daniel Cormier”

The name Jon Jones is synonymous with greatness in mixed martial arts.

Current UFC Light Heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, is considered to be one of the greatest mixed martial arts fighters of all-time. In that, Jones has also become known for beating his opponents at their own game, which adds to his greatness.

In his most recent title defense against Glover Teixeira, it was thought by many Teixeira’s only chance of beating Jones was if he was able to keep the fight in close range and that Jones needed to use his reach to escape the punching power of Teixeira. However, Jones would do just the opposite, fighting nearly all 25 minutes of the bout in Teixeira’s preferred range and did so dominantly, handily defeating Teixeira via unanimous decision.

Jones recently spoke to MMAFighting and declared that he planned on doing the same against his next opponent, Daniel Cormier, and will attempt to outwrestle the Olympian:

“I think I focus on it so much, I focus on their strengths so much that I almost adapt it. I become so familiar with what they’re good at that I just almost adapt it into my psychology, into my skillset, and then subconsciously it just starts playing out in the fight. Doing what they do.

“I will try to wrestle Daniel Cormier. I definitely plan on making him work extremely hard for any takedowns he’s going for, and I’m definitely going to be looking for takedowns myself. I’m more than capable of taking him down, and I believe in my top game. So I’ll definitely look to attack Daniel at his strengths, and weaknesses.”

“I grew up wrestling. I started wrestling when I was 12 years old. I think a lot of people forget that, especially when I’m fighting a guy who’s competed on the Olympic level. They make me seem like I’m just a striker. But you know, my sense of wrestling is very strong. I would say that’s still my base. I have very successful stats in wrestling, pretty high takedown percentage and pretty outstanding takedown defense.

“I’ve had all types of fights, but I like these ones. The little added motivation, [a guy] telling you you’re going to get your butt kicked and dominated. It just feels good. At the level that I’m at, just being in so many great fights, you need little things to keep that fire going. Not only going, but raging.”