Jon Jones Believes That He’d ‘Smoke’ Richie Incognito

If you even follow football (NFL, obviously) in passing, you’ll know all about Richi Incognito and how he is a bit of a dick-cheese-burger (+1 if you get that reference) and has been getting a lot of media attention over it. Jon Jones is a guy that can’t seem to stay away from the Sauron-like eye of the media that watches over his every move, so it’s no shock that the name Richie Incognito came up in an interview with Jones, just like Floyd Mayweather’s name came up when he was in the news cycle.

How does Jon Jones feel about Richie Incognito? Well, he thinks that he’s smoke him, obviously. [link]

“He’s just this big meathead,” JP described Incognito. “Probably 6’3, 6’4, 340. So if it’s Richie Incognito against Jon Jones, what’s gonna happen?”

“I’d kill him,” Jones said.

“Someone tweet him, let him know I’d smoke him,” he added. “Easy.”