Jon Jones Appears on Jimmy Kimmel, Continues Trash Talk

Well, if there has been a complete lack of motivation or reason to buy previous UFC events this year, UFC 178 is giving us tons and tons of reasons to be excited for it. The Jon Jones/Daniel Cormier scuffle this week has led to a bountiful harvest of trash talk. Now, more than any event the UFC has put on in ages, UFC 178 is getting a ton of media attention. I mean, Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier appeared on SportsCenter, now here’s Jon Jones on the Jimmy Kimmel show the other night talking about the brawl.

Sure, it was bad for the sport, but at the same time, JJ and DC getting involved in a donnybrook in public has led to people who wouldn’t usually care about the UFC being very interested all over again. People just want fighters to show some passion, I think. Jon Jones very much has his public face on for this interview, but still gets some shots in on DC.