Jon Fitch Signs Deal With World Series of Fighting, Debut in June

Don’t call him boring, folks, because all of the news surrounding Jon Fitch of late has gone from weird to weirder, as the former UFC Welterweight contender was unceremoniously cut by the promotion following a loss to Demian Maia, his second loss in nine fights. It was a bit unusual, to say the least, as UFC usually cuts fighters after three losses or if they get completely overwhelmed and embarrassed in the ring. It is safe to say that Jon Fitch has never been overwhelmed or embarrassed in the ring, as he has been a top contender for years now, just has been unable to overcome Georges St. Pierre.

His bout of unemployment did not last long, though, as according to reports, Jon Fitch has already been scooped up by the upstart MMA promotion, World Series of Fighting, and is slated to make his debut with the promotion at WSoF 3 on June 14th. This is Jon Fitch’s chance to earn his way back into the UFC, as his cut was explained as due to financial reasons and Fitch simply commanding too decent of a contract and making too much money for his fights compared to what he brings in, business-wise. The four-fight contract with WSoF could be his ticket back to the big time, but the 35-year old has to consider that eventually retirement will be on the horizon and having to work his way back up to the big leagues at 35 is a major setback.