Jon Fitch Predicts Worked Fights in the UFC’s Future


If Jon Fitch ever had hopes and aspirations to making it back into the UFC you wouldn’t be able to tell by this recent bomb that he dropped in an interview this week. Jon Fitch is of the mind that the UFC dislikes wrestlers and is getting close to working fights like we saw in PRIDE. Yes, Jon Fitch thinks that the UFC will at some point basically be professional wrestling and try to hide it from people. I don’t know. [source]

It’s basically that the WSOF is staying true to the sport. They’re allowing it to be a sport. It’s about who the best fighter is, whose game is the best and who has the best approach to winning the fight. The UFC is really going more towards entertainment; they’re almost fully about entertainment now. It’s almost to the point that I wouldn’t be surprised if fake, worked fights like there were in Japan start happening.

They’re so controlling of what they want for the product, because they went the route of marketing to professional wrestling fans, and that’s just not the fanbase for MMA, it’s not the same, but it’s easy money if they provide the level of entertainment that those people are used to, which is fake.