Johny Hendricks says Robbie Lawler is a more dangerous fighter than GSP

MMA Math tells me that’s just not true, because Jake Shields subbed Robbie in about two minutes in Elite XC, so I don’t know what Hendricks is talking about. He’s probably still butthurt about going 70% against GSP and losing (he lost that fight). Meh. It is what it is in love and war.

This is what Hendricks said to MMAFighting.

“Georges, you knew that he was going to throw a jab, a high kick, a low kick, and try to take you down. That’s his gameplan,” Hendricks said. “Robbie, if you make a mistake, we’ve seen it time and time again, he can knock you out. So you really have to make sure that you stay focused, cross all your t’s and dot all your i‘s, and make sure that you stay solid. That’s a lot more dangerous fight.”

While that’s true, I think the more dangerous fighter is who you have the better chance of losing to.