Johny Hendricks Missed Weight, But It’s Alright Now, He Made It

Today is a great lesson for those in the MMA world that you might not want to brag about things before they’ve happened. Johny Hendricks missed weight by 1.5lbs today at the UFC 171 weigh-in and should be giving his final attempt here any minute now (he had two hours to make weight). If Johny doesn’t make weight then, well, he won’t be able to win the UFC Welterweight Championship no matter what. If Robbie Lawler wins he’ll win the title. It’s one of those situations.

Johny Hendricks not making weight makes for a rather disastrous PR bungle for Mike Dolce and the Dolce Diet, especially considering this tweet yesterday. Thankfully, all is not lost as Hendricks has made weight just minutes before the time limit expires.