Johny Hendricks gives 50% of his profits to his financial backers

Consider this fascinating – Johny Hendricks has been funded since he was coming out of college by Team Takedown. Team Takedown basically funds a fighter to get to the top, and in return, they split the winner’s profits. Wow. That’s an ingenious idea. Sports Illustrated looked further and spoke to Ehrhardt:

“Our thought process was we could take a high-level wrestler and give them a place to live, a car allowance, health and dental insurance, a weekly paycheck so they could train — and then they’d have a really good shot of getting to the top,”

Don’t think Hendricks doesn’t like this deal:

“Who wouldn’t want to get paid to train and that’s all you have to focus on? Look how my fighting has developed in the last five years,I can train twice a day and go as hard as I want to because I know I have nothing to do in-between. I am truly blessed to be in a situation like this.”

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