Johny Hendricks gets way ahead of himself and looks towards superfight with Chris Weidman

See, I think this is Hendricks subtly laying the groundwork for a move to middleweight. Dude just cuts far too much weight to make it to 170. You’ve seen him, he looks damn-near dead on the scale come weigh-ins, then he hydrates back up to 200 pounds in 24 hours? Madness. And I don’t know if that’s healthy.

Either way, Johny brought up a hypothetical situation to Dana White in which he and Chris Weidman fight ‘if they both win their next 3-4 fights’ on Inside MMA. This is how the convo went down.


“Realistically, if I won three or four fights, and so does Chris Weidman, three or four fights, do you think we could have that [super fight] happen? 185?”

To which Dana White replied:

“Well I don’t know about three or four fights. First of all, champ, you are in a very nasty division that is packed with talent from one through 13. You got a lot of housework to do before you start talking about Chris Weidman. So hypothetically, if five through 13 quit in the next two years, yeah, maybe we can do you and Chris Weidman.”

You can watch the video here.