Johny Hendricks Explains Why He Was Punching at 70% Against GSP

UFC 167’s lasting impact is still being felt almost a week later, which is a testament not only to the action, but to the fallout from Johny Hendricks vs. GSP. In fact, the horrible decision against Johny Hendricks has been pushed aside for GSP’s own brand of drama, as he’s playing this whole “will he stay or will he go [for now]?” But at the post-fight press conference Johny Hendricks made an interesting comment about him only punching at 70% power.

Curious, right? Well, here is his answer as to why. [link]

I usually get a thick wrap and this time I didn’t do that. Instead of me asking for a thicker wrap, I kept my mouth shut. It’s my fault. That’s on me. It means I hit hard enough that I can punch through the 4 oz gloves. So that’s what made my hands get bruised. I couldn’t punch as hard as I could (have). The more injured I get, the less I get to use it, the more he gets comfortable, so I had to tone down my power. I was still hurting at 70 percent. Wait till I get a full hand wrap. That only builds confidence, because I beat the pound for pound best fighter in the world. I will be back, and I will be stronger than before.