John Wayne Parr Working on Jake Shields’ Striking in Brisbane

It’s not big secret that the UFC does Brisbane, Australia this week with Mark Hunt vs. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, just like it’s no secret that Jake Shields has some really robotic striking. It looks like Jake Shields is in Australia right now and that he might be doing something good for his robotic striking and has gone to seek out the great sage of Australian Muay Thai that is John Wayne Parr.

John Wayne Parr – or JWP as we call him – is a guy that has been around the block a few times and is an incredibly exciting fighter. He’s also worked with fighters like Georges St-Pierre of late to help on his striking, so it seems natural that a former GSP opponent in Jake Shields would look for guidance from JWP. This video was released by JWP today of him working with Jake Shields. Jake is still kind of robotic, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.