John Hackleman Has a Theory Why Fans Dislike Jon Jones

John Hackleman was in the spotlight for a while in the UFC when Chuck Liddell was the UFC’s Light Heavyweight king, but things have slowed down over the years. He does have one prospect that could make a huge impact, though, with that prospect being Glover Teixeira, who squares off against Jon Jones for the Light Heavyweight Championship at UFC 172. John Hackleman talked about Chuck Liddell, who was loved by most fans, and why Jon Jones might not be seen in the same kind of light as Chuck due to his attitude. [source]

“I don’t really pay attention to who’s overlooking who, but if he’s doing that, that’s kind of rude and kind of a slap in the face to Glover and it’s pretty disrespectful and if he is really doing that,” says Hackleman. “If the fans are doing that then whatever, that’s fans, but if Jon Jones is really doing that which I don’t think he really is, then to me that’s just disrespectful and rude and that’s maybe why, you know, people don’t love him like they did Chuck.”

“Chuck would never have done that. Chuck always looked at his next opponent as the biggest opponent he has. He was never, ‘Well, I’ll get past this guy, I’ll worry about this guy. He never would do that.”