John Hackleman Calls Jon Jones a Douchebag

Jon Jones, for a guy who had Instagram problems just a few weeks ago, sure had some fun with his Instagram after UFC 172 went down, huh? One of the things that he did was he posted a photo of Chuck Liddell implying that Chuck needed to shut up. Now, Jon Jones is a humble guy and all, right? John Hackleman tends to think no and that Jon Jones and his pious Christian attitude are just a big ole’ show. [source]

I hope that Jon’s not posting pictures or doing anything like that. I feel that is disrespectful if he is and not very humble and Christian of him and how he wants us to perceive him. I don’t know, maybe it is his manager or someone in his circle trying to stir the pot or something but that is a douche move. If he (Jon Jones) did do it or does know about it, I would take them down and have some more respect and I hope it is not him, I have a lot of respect for him. If he knows about it, don’t be a douchebag and do that – take the pictures down, show a little more respect and treat this like a martial art.