Joe Schilling Wins GLORY 10 Middleweight Tournament in Thrilling Final Bout

Damn, now that was a great fight card that GLORY just presented. The main card featured a four-man Middleweight tournament as well as a reserve bout and two Lightweight bouts between four of the best lightweights in the world, looking to secure a spot in the upcoming GLORY 12 Lightweight tournament in New York. The tournament unfolded as many predicted, with Artem Levin defeating Jason Wilnis and Joe Schilling defeating Kengo Shimizu in dominating fashion.

Wayne Barrett put the lights out of Plotkin in the reserve bout, but his services were not needed here tonight, as Artem Levin and Joe Schilling met in the ring in what was one of the best fights of this year as both men were exchanging and putting on a very, very dramatic fight. Levin controlled most of the first round with his clinch work, but in the second round Joe landed some clean shots on him before putting him down with a huge superman punch followed by a knee. Levin somehow beat the count and got back to his feet and was able to finish out the round. He came back like a house on fire in the third round, though, landing some huge shots on Joe, but Joe not going down. Levin needed a knockdown to get the win, but it didn’t come together for him.

They were pushed into a fourth round where it was close once again, but Schilling closed the distance and landed a right hand and scored a flash knockdown on Levin with just a minute left in the fight, which secured him the victory.