Joe Rogan Says Vitor Failed a Drug Test that Led to TRT Ban

Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Well, here it is, the reason why the whole TRT ban went down in Nevada, finally. Joe Rogan during his “Fight Companion” podcast this weekend let the cat out of the bag that Vitor Belfort failed a drug test back in February which led to NSAC eliminating the TRT program. Crazy, right? It makes sense, though, because Vitor Belfort was one of the highest profile cases of TRT exemptions and was getting a lot of heat for it. In fact, many were super critical of Vitor Belfort’s usage of TRT and how he seemed like an entirely new fighter on it.

So failing a random test seems like a good way to make things worse. [source]

Rogan was explaining the end of TRT exemptions and said, “They did it to Vitor…random drug test. And Vitor was on testosterone. That’s the reason that testosterone got banned in the first place. The whole thing went down when Vitor tested positive with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, after that. Before that, they were considering him for a testosterone exemption….And because he tested positive they scrapped the whole testosterone program.”