Joe Rogan is Not a Fan of the 10-Point Must System in MMA

Joe Rogan being the UFC’s commentator has been an interesting ride, as Rogan is a comedian and television personality who was put into the odd spot of commentating the UFC and it just worked and has for years. Since then he’s been one of the most outspoken proponents of the sport and is able to argue the merits of it in an intelligent fashion, which he deserves a lot of credit for. The latest topic that he was pressed on was the 10-point must system and, guess what? He doesn’t like it in MMA. [Transcription from BE]

“Scoring is very flawed,” said Rogam. “It’s flawed in a bunch of different ways. The biggest reason it’s flawed is because of the 10-Point Must system which was adopted from boxing. That might work in a 12-round fight. 12, three minute rounds is very different than three, five minute rounds. Three, five minute rounds, you’re going 10-9 on rounds that either guy could win and then the next round a guy could get taken down, busted up, dropped, and you score that a 10-9 as well. That makes no f—ing sense. The system in place right now, the scoring system, is from boxing and they need to develop one just for MMA.

“The (athletic commissions) don’t do s—. It’s the same reason this C.J. Ross lady is still a f—ng judge, or was a judge, until she stepped down. The athletic commissions do a woefully inadequate job on several levels. The UFC can’t dictate who judges. the UFC can’t dictate who referees. The UFC can’t dictate what the rules are. They can’t do anything. They can work with the commission to try to give suggestions and come up with ways around problems, but ultimately it’s the job of the athletic commission.”