Joe Rogan Gives His Opinion on the Brawl Between Jones and Cormier

Just a few days ago a brawl between UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones and contender Daniel Cormier ensued following the UFC 178 media day.

Fans, journalist and fighters alike have since weighed in on whether the brawl was good for the sport or not, with varying opinions.

Recently, UFC commentator Joe Rogan, who is known for his unique opinions, spoke out about the incident via his podcast, the “Joe Rogan Experience.”

Unlike many others, Rogan feels that the brawl will be used to portray MMA in a negative light. [source]


“This can’t happen. You can’t do that. This is real bad for the sport. It’s real bad. It’s real bad for public perception. It’s a weapon to be used against MMA. It’s unfortunate. I think it’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. Some of it’s gamesmanship, but it’s just so bad for the image of the sport. It’s pretty rare, but that’s a high profile fight. I mean, Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate got head to head in each other’s faces and it was pretty hot, right? But they were professional about it. They didn’t do anything about it. These guys were not professional. You can’t do that. You can’t grab each other and f***ing slap.”

“Nobody wants to give ground. They don’t want anybody getting any psychological advantage so they have to show each other, ‘I’ll f***ing fight you right here, b***h.’ That’s when s**t like this happens. The importance of that not happening is huge. It’s huge. It’s just such a negative connotation attached to what that is. Just violence. The difference between that kind of violence and the violence of a sport is that the violence of a sport, everyone is agreeing with that scenario. You’re agreeing to train for X amount of weeks for X amount of rounds. You’re going to fight this guy, he weighs what you weigh. Everybody prepares, you meet at this day and you compete. It’s a very dangerous form of competition and, yes, it is fighting, as a competition, but it’s not violence the same way that that is. That’s a street fight. That’s a world champion mixed martial arts fighter and an Olympic wrestler and they’re street fighting. That’s bad for everybody. That’s bad for wrestling. That’s bad for MMA. That’s bad for sports.”

“It’s fun for people to watch. Part of me, I have two ways of looking at it. Part of me is like, ‘That’s bad for the sport’ but part of me is like, ‘How do I feel about it, though?’ Does it bum me out? No. No, it doesn’t make me upset. I’m not upset. I’m looking forward to watching this fight even more, now. Look, would I have liked it to not happen? Absolutely. Absolutely. I wish that they were very professional about this. They don’t need to do that. That fight is going to be amazing no matter what happens, but since it did happen and I got to see it I’m like, ‘Whoa!’ I’m not going to pretend like that’s not fun. I’m not going to pretend like that didn’t make everybody way more excited about that fight because it f***ing for sure did. It’s not good to do, but it was fun to watch and more people are going to be excited about the fight. That’s the catch 22. There’s no real black or white about this. As a representative of the sport I absolutely wish it didn’t happen. Part of me gets bummed out when I see s**t like that, but part of me is like, ‘Look, they’re going to fight eventually, anyway. So they fought a little here. Get a little taste.’