Joe Rogan believes the “Octagon jitters” are a very real thing. Do you?

This video discussing the horrifying phenomenon known as the “Octagon jitters” would resonate a little more with me if it didn’t focus on Cung Le as the subject. I thought Cung had an awesome debut against a game Wandy. Octagon jitters? Howabout Wandy jitters? How do you not get the jitters when Wanderlei Silva is coming at you HARD?

You get the jitters, I don’t care what anyone says.

Sure, some newcomers to the fight game may get some nerves heading out to fight for the UFC for the first time. Daniel Cormier, an Olympic wrestler, admitted he got nervous before UFC on FOX, and if he can get nervous, anyone can. Let’s watch Joe Rogan talk about it, then you come to your own conclusions.