Joe Riggs Calls Out Nick Diaz for a Boxing Match

Nick Diaz is a fighter that definitely falls into one of two categories; you either love him or hate him, there really is no in between. When it comes to former opponent in the Octagon as well as in a hospital, Joe Riggs definitely falls into the latter category when it comes to Nick Diaz. Nick Diaz might be retired, but that can’t keep Joe Riggs calm when the topic of Diaz comes up, even not into his retirement.

In a recent interview the topic of Nick Diaz came up and Joe Riggs had some choice words to say about his former opponent. [source]

“Nick Diaz is a fucking mongoloid. He doesn’t even know what he talks about. He’s a guy who will see a word in the dictionary and just regurgitate the word and put it to no use. It makes no sense what he’s talking about. I’d love to beat the shit out of him. Actually, I’d like to box him, because he thinks he has good hands, but that’s besides the point.”