Joe Lauzon proves once again that he’s ahead of the curve as far as promoting a fight in 2013.

Joe Lauzon proves that you don’t have to rip-off old wrestling gimmicks and speeches to be loved unconditionally. Just show up to fight, be a bad ass and then go home and spend the night playing videogames in your basement with all of your friends. Joe Lauzon is firmly planted in the present day as far as promoting a fight. He’ll get on Twitter, he’ll engage fans on Facebook, he’ll even accept your your Xbox Live Gamertag friend request, only to remove you from his friends list days later.

I don’t hold it against you, Joe.

WIth the UFC returning to Boston for UFC on FOX Sports 1, Joe Lauzon has naturally raised his hand for a fight in his hometown. His opponent is Michael Johnson, as Joe reveals in his latest vlog.