Jimi Manuwa Credits God With His Punching Power

Jimi Manuwa heads into his stiffest challenge yet this weekend on a Fight Pass fight against Alexander Gustafsson. While most of us here in the US don’t look forward to the timing or venue for the fight (Fight Pass), Jimi Manuwa vs. Alexander Gustafsson is undeniably a cool fight. Manuawa has been making the press circuit to promote the fight and was asked about his punching power. So this is Jimi Manuwa explaining his punch. [source]

“We used to go to the fairground [funfair], and there’s that punchable thing that measures your power,” Manuwa told ESPN.com. “It was from one of those that I knew I could punch. My friends would come around, and we’d have competitions.

“I broke my hand on them. A couple times.”

The thing Manuwa has going for him, though — and everyone seems willing to agree on this — is that he possesses devastating, can’t-be-taught, either-you-have-it-or-you-don’t knockout power.

It’s “God-given,” as Manuwa puts it. When asked if a specific moment stands out when he really knew he had shook someone, Manuwa replied, “I have 14 stoppages. There are a lot of those moments.”