Jens Pulver Gives One Fan a Night to Remember

Look, there is probably no limit to the good things that I can say about Jens Pulver. I first met Jens through Jason and Jens is probably one of the few people from the world of MMA that I find myself keeping up with on a regular basis and enjoy talking to. Why? Because Jens Pulver is just a great guy. He had a lot of really great accomplishments throughout his career, sure, but what really sticks out is how much Jens loves his family, how much he cares about his kids and how much he wants to give back to the MMA community.

So it’s no surprise that Jens Pulver gave back to the MMA community yet again by the way of a young boy named Omar. Omar is a survivor, he’s been through SIX surgeries on his heart and he wanted to fight, so Jens Pulver stepped into the cage with him in Oregon to give him an experience that he’ll never forget. Here is video of it and once you know the struggles that Omar went through it is all the more endearing.