Jenna Jameson Takes to Twitter to Denounce Tito Ortiz and His ‘Drug Problems’

Look, we aren’t here to judge anyone or really get involved in anyone’s marital disputes, because that is not the MMANuts way. But we do have to alert the world that Jenna Jameson is once again taking to twitter to campaign against her soon-to-be ex-husband, Tito Ortiz. If you’ve been following the couple over the past few years you know that it has been a bit of an odd relationship, with there being arguments, assaults and now a divorce, which have all spilled over into public view on Twitter.

The latest is Jenna Jameson talking about Tito Ortiz having drug problems and the only way that he passed his UFC drug tests was using a fake penis with someone else’s urine in it. She has posted photographic evidence of this, which appears to be Ibuprofen as well as tools used to drain his cauliflower ears, but she insists that Ortiz is indeed a drug addict and that their children belong with her, not him. [Source: BE]