JDS talks about his hands vs. Mark Hunt’s hands and regaining ‘his’ title.

Most people think Cain vs. Bigfoot will be the same squash as last time, which is a shame. I kind of feel the same way, but I also feel that the guy who defeated Fedor AND Overeem deserves slightly more respect. Just slightly more. Sure, it very well could be the same squash we saw last time, but you only need one good punch to win in the heavyweight division, and Bigfoot has a great chin, and a strong punch. It’s a rather lethal combination. One that Mark Hunt has in spades.

JDS on the other hand, he has some of the best technical boxing in the division, but Cain was able to take him down at will. Now, he faces Mark Hunt in a match that challenges his inner fighting ego. Does he take down Hunt, a notoriously strong striker (K-1 champion, c’mon) and try to tap him like he’s been tapped by so many? Or dare JDS test his hands?

He tells MMA Weekly what he thinks will happen.