JDS Suffered a Cut During Camp, But Should Be Fine for UFC 166

Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez III is rapidly approaching (as UFC events tend to do), but what’s interesting is that there was almost a snag that kept this huge fight from happening, by the way of JDS getting cut in training a few weeks ago. We’ve all seen what can happen if a fighter suffers from a cut before a fight, hell, we saw EliteXC’s downfall get sparked by Ken Shamrock suffering a cut the day of the event. Cuts are serious business.

According to JDS, he suffered a nasty cut in training, but it has had enough time to heal and should not get in the way. Whew, right?

According to dos Santos, he suffered a cut three weeks ago which required stitches.

“It was in the training (camp), and it was accidental,” dos Santos admitted. “But not too [bad]. I’m okay already.”