JDS leaves Team Nogueira for Nova Uniao

Well, it’s not a split that has any nasty drama or anything behind it, but still, JDS is leaving his longtime trainers in the Nog bros and moving to Rio to train with Jose Aldo, Renan Barao and maybe even BJ Penn?

This is pretty interesting, but will it lead to JDS beating Cain? Probably not. Will it improve JDS’ takedown defense? I just don’t know. So all in all, JDS will likely still remain the second-best heavyweight in the world.

“Things were too slow, I wasn’t feeling good in my way of evolving as a professional. Then I decided moving to Rio. Observing the world of MMA, it’s clear to all that professor Dedé Pederneiras is one of the best coaches, there is no question of why he every year competes for the prize of the best in the world. He is a guy who I think can aggregate a lot to my game, not just with gameplan, but also for being a intelligent guy. I see the instructions that he pass to Aldo, Barão and his others fighters and I like very much. I spoke with my professor Luiz Dórea and said that was the time to test me in Rio. I came, spoke with Dedé and he treated me very well, as all of the team. Today I can train and evolve beside them”.

“I have all the respect for both of the Nogueiras and for all Team Nogueira. I’m Team Nogueira. The professor Dede Pederneiras konws that, everybody knows that. As I am Team Nogueira, I’m Champion, the team from professor Luiz Dórea, I’m Jiu-Jitsu Northeast, the team from the professor Yuri Carlton. Today I’m training in Nova União, I think this is evolution. I learned from Minotauro himself to always persuit evolution, to learn more from the others and that is what I’m doing. I think that for my game is necessary a different kind of training, a different kind of learning and I came here to find that. Of course I’m stilll Team Nogueira and i’m still going to train there regardless of who is part of the team and feel good also training with me”