JDS Believes That He Could Beat One of the Klitschko Brothers in Boxing

There are a lot of guys in the MMA world that are delusional, especially when it comes to their skills and how they’d translate over into other sports. Apparently Junior Dos Santos is one of those guys, as he believes that if he tried his hand at Heavyweight Boxing against the two best in the world that he’d be able to beat them. Yes, JDS believes that he, with just a little bit of training, could defeat one of the Klitschko brothers.

I don’t know about that, JDS…
“I think if they give me four months to get prepared, I can beat them,” he said. “In the beginning of my all my camps, I do just boxing. I love to train boxing and I think I have enough skills in boxing. I know how to see a good fight. Four months, that’s what I need.”