Jacare Souza Quickly Chokes Out Chris Camozzi In His UFC Debut

Look, there are a lot of us that have known for a long time now that Jacare is the real deal, but it’s nice to see that proven as he makes his UFC debut. There have been a lot of guys who were successful in Japan and Strikeforce but couldn’t quite cut it in the UFC, but Jacare is not looking to be one of those guys. Chris Camozzi is a game opponent but Ronaldo Souza has just become such a force now that he has added some comprehensive striking to the mix.

The fight began and Jacare was already showing off his improved striking. Camozzi did his best to avoid it, but the fight quickly went to the ground where it just seemed like a matter of time before Jacare and his legendary grip did some damage. Camozzi fought Jacare off as best he could, with Jacare having to back off a few times, but never let Camozzi up. Finally he slipped on an arm triangle and in an instant Camozzi was out, not even getting a chance to tap out!

Huge win for Jacare.