Jacare and Machida don’t want to fight each other, but they will if they have to

Well, after last night, considering the middleweight belt won’t be defended for a few months, there is the possibility of Machida having to fight one more man before he may be granted a title shot, and it’s an old training partner and dangerous middleweight that is also looking for a shot at the title – Jacare Souza.

Jacare is hot off derailing Francis Carmont’s impressive run at middleweight, and he is looking at at title shot as well. Still, neither of these men want to fight each other if possible.

MMA Fighting’s Guilherme Cruz got the scoop:
Jacare on fighting Machida next: “This fight can happen, yes. I wouldn’t like this fight, but I’d take it.”

Machida on fighting Jacare: “Like Jacare said, I wouldn’t like this fight, but I’d take it.”