It looks like Anderson wants his rematch with Weidman after all, and it’s going down this year.

Well this is just ‘interdasting’ as the UG would say. I mean, Anderson Silva seemed completely aloof and uninterested in a rematch if he lost to Weidman before he even fought Chris Weidman. It’s true, he gave an interview saying that he didn’t want to fight for that dumb middleweight belt anymore, and he reiterated that in his post-fight speech at UFC 162. But now that a few days have passed and the reality of the situation has sunk deep into The Spider’s brain, it looks like a rematch will indeed be going down, in either December or February. Probably December. No one knows for sure quite yet.

Ariel Helwani is alluding that he has news regarding Anderson Silva’s want for a rematch, and it seems like the announcement will go down on the MMA Hour sometime  today hopefully. You can read somewhat more here. In the meantime, what do you guys think? Is Anderson going to come back with a vengeance? Did Weidman stoke the fire inside Anderson by calling him a disrespectful piece of shit?