Is TUF 18 going to be like the Real World? Miesha Tate seems to think so.


We know the love for the TUF series varies from person to person, and myself personally was finally starting to get back into the show after not really caring since season 10 and the heavyweights. I dug the enhanced production values on Fuel TV, and the more focused look at the sport of MMA, but now it seems like with two steps forward, TUF is taking quite a few steps back.

Don’t get me wrong, props to the female fighters, I love the fact that they’re going to be getting their chance in the spotlight, and frankly I wish it was ONLY a female cast on the show. The co-ed gimmick set for the 18th season of The Ultimate Fighter seems just like that: a gimmick. Almost like the Real World. A way to create drama outside of the testosterone-fueled hi-jinx of seasons past.

Oh well. I like Miesha and Ronda…

Here’s what Miesha Tate said about the upcoming TUF series on the MMA Hour,  that she has an opportunity to coach on opposite Ronda if she beats Cat Zingano this weekend at the TUF 17 finale.

“I’m excited for it,”  “I think it’s going to be wild. I think it’s going to be Real World meets TUF. And I don’t know…

“I have this idea – or joke actually – that all the girls are going to be like lesbians or hooking up with all the girls, and all the boys are going on there with hope thinking like, ‘we’re gonna be the first guys that have chicks on the show and this is going to be awesome.’ And the girls are going to be like, ‘no boys allowed.'”

Tate then recalled an earlier conversation with White about female fighters and pregnancy: “getting knocked up isn’t good for girls’ careers.” With white saying: “Yeah, I know, it’s worse than getting knocked out.”

We just hope it’s a good season with good fights and no dumb drama. Is that too much to ask? Sometimes.