Insiders Estimating Bellator 120 Buyrate at 50,0000

Photo Credit (Justin Ford/USA TODAY Sports)

The PPV business is a strange one right now and not exactly a thriving one. I touched on how PPV has lost its shine in the United States over the weekend and some of the numbers being bounced around for Bellator 120 seem to be supporting the fact that American fans just don’t see PPV as a viable way to spend their money right now unless the show is a huge attraction.

Everyone’s favorite “guerrilla journalist” FrontRowBrian is saying that he heard 50,000 as the estimated buys for Bellator 120. If we are entirely honest with ourselves, this was always going to be what Bellator 120 got, no matter how the card changed. Why? Because PPV is expensive and fans get so much free MMA at this point that paying money for what feels like a small increase in quality just isn’t going to happen.