An Inside Look Into Holly Holm’s Training Camp

If there has been one name in Women’s MMA that has been popping up a lot over the past few months it would without a doubt be Albuquerque’s own Holly Holm. Holly Holm has made a name for herself here in Albuquerque in Boxing, Kickboxing as well as MMA over the past few years, being not only a dominant force, but the area’s biggest draw. When the national audiences finally got a taste of Holly Holm on television they not only liked what they saw, but they loved what they saw and wanted to see her in the UFC against Ronda Rousey.

That is not a bad problem to have at all, is it? With all of this attention Holm has been making full use of it, including this mini-training doc that was filmed by our bud over at MMAFighting, EKC. Check it out and enjoy.