Initial Diagnosis for Carlos Condit Post-UFC 171

The biggest shame on Saturday night was that Carlos Condit could not continue in his fight against Tyron Woodley. It was a competitive fight up until the point where Carlos Condit grabbed his knee and fell to the mat, unable to continue. Tyron Woodley executed a takedown on Condit that landed rough on his right knee, then when they got up Woodley threw a leg kick to the left leg, only for Condit to find that standing only on his right leg caused it to just explode right there in the ring. It was the kind of thing that breaks you heart to watch live.

Sherdog has the lowdown on the initial diagnosis. [source]

While severity of that injury remains unclear, the worst-case scenario could mean a lengthy rehab for the former interim welterweight champion. Condit was taken to a hospital shortly after his loss to Woodley, where he was diagnosed with a possible small meniscus tear as well as a potential torn ACL, Jackson’s MMA general manager Ricky Kottenstette informed on Sunday.