How James Krause’s Life Changed in the Blink of an Eye

James Krause made his UFC debut this weekend at UFC 161 and due to an uneventful fight card, he is looking to be walking away with not only Submission of the Night, but Fight of the Night as well. That would mean a cool $100,000 would be his (as long as he passes his drug test), to which all he can say is that it is life changing.

In a post-fight interview he spoke about how it felt to make an impact in his UFC debut, as well as how it felt to all of a sudden be $100,000 richer from that submission, to which he responded that he was nervous about his drug test, not because he’s done anything wrong, just because it all seems too good to be true. It is nice to come away from a rather uneventful UFC event knowing that a young fighter got a shot and that his life will change because of it.