Herb Dean to Also Ref Rematch Between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman

The bout between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman from this summer was a strange one, to say the least, where Anderson Silva was defeated by Chris Weidman in dramatic fashion when Anderson was goofing around and got caught while doing so. There are a lot of questions heading into the rematch between the two and for Chris Weidman’s reign to feel official he’ll have to defeat a focused Anderson Silva to erase any of the lingering doubts from fans.

The referee in that first bout was none other than Herb Dean and according to MMAJunkie, Herb Dean will be the official for the UFC 168 rematch between the two fighters. Athletic Commissions usually wouldn’t do something like this, but in the case of Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman, Keith Kizer feels that it is suitable as the first bout had such a shocking ending. [link]