Hendo takes a pay cut, swallows pride

Dan Henderson is on a three-fight losing streak, culminating in his first loss via strikes ever, when he was knocked out by Vitor Belfort in the first round of their meeting at the end of 2013. It sucks, considering Hendo was on an incredible run, taking the Strikeforce title and defeating SHogun to gain the rights to face Bones Jones. Unfortunately, a torn ACL, a UFC 151 cancellation and a split-decision loss to Rashad Evana, Lyoto Machida and the knockout to Belfort later, Hendo is looking at about a 50% pay cut. So he’s still making just over six figures.

Hendo spoke to Bloody Elbow and had this to say:

My agent usually talks with their attorneys. From there, they run it by Dana and Lorenzo, and occasionally, they get on a call with all of them together-Dana, Lorenzo and the attorneys.

You know, I kind of had to swallow my pride a little bit and take a pay cut. They are giving me a chance to get back where I was if I get some wins on the books, though. It could be worse, but it could be better, as well.