Gunnar Nelson Submits Zak Cummings in R2

Man, this UFC Fight Night Dublin event has been insanity. A tremendously fun undercard and a solid main card thus far has just been amplified by the absolutely electric crowd that is just eating everything up. The UFC has almost been missing out by not hitting up Ireland more, but then again, maybe the magic of this has been them presenting such a solid card to a hungry, excited audience. Hell, they are even going nuts for Iceland’s Gunnar Nelson.

Gunnar Nelson went into this fight with Zak Cummings as calm and collected as ever and man, a lot didn’t happen in round one. That’s okay, though, because in round two he was controlling the action until he got a front facelock on Cummings, then snapped him down to the mat, took his back, laid down some punches before wrapping his arm around the neck, landed some punches to the face, then got the rear naked choke. Gunnar Nelson by rear naked choke is basically a meme, guys.