Guida calls out McGregor and if he gets the fight, he likely beats him


Clay Guida’s best days are behind him, but that doesn’t mean he can’t still play spoiler. He’s the perfect foil for every hyped-up fighter that has come through the UFC in recent years. He beat Pettis, in the current lightweight champ’s UFC debut, after all, and I think he can beat McGregor too. We may even see a crazy decision that goes in favor of Guida like we have so many times (but not all of the time, I like Guida).

So, I like this fight. If McGregor wins, he’s vaulted into the top ten. If he loses, he can revisit the drawing board and it makes the fan-favorite Guida relevant for another year or two. It’s a win-win!

“There’s someone out there, the UFC’s protecting this leprechaun,” said Guida as transcribed by BloodyElbow. “He got called out earlier (by Jim Alers). Conor McGregor, I don’t call anybody out – after your injury, after your heal up, if you want to fight a real man there ain’t no gold at the end of that rainbow just a chest hair sandwich from a mullet with a caveman attached to it.”

“You know, he doesn’t really rub me the wrong way,” said Guida. “I believe he’s got all the talents, but we haven’t seen him tested yet. It’s good to see up-and-comers get a lot of publicity like him. But I think maybe the fact that him and my good friend and teammate Cub Swanson had a little beef one night at a show, the fact that they’re keeping him in close quarters and keeping an eye on him, by fighting in his own country. Let’s see what he’s made of. It doesn’t have to be his next fight, but let’s let him get a little momentum and put him in there against a guy that’s got some experience, and we’ll see what he’s made of.”

“Five rounds is my thing. If you want to see that guy cry, put him in there with me for five rounds.”