GSP Trying to Find the Motivation to Return to the UFC

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

The whole will-her or won’t-he saga with GSP has been playing out via the internet for what feels like forever now, with GSP on hiatus from the UFC and seemingly not coming back any time soon. When asked about his return, the answer always seems to be skirting around the issue, but now at least we got a little bit of a better answer out of GSP. In this interview he talks about trying to find his motivation to return to the ring, which seems like a very honest answer. Being the best at something for as long as he was has to be a draining experience.

“I need to get the motivation back. It’s hard because it’s always the same routine; the same thing. And I need to fix some things in my life to make it more efficient. Once everything can be done, maybe I’ll come back.

“We’ll see how it goes, but I can’t say yes, I can’t say no, because I just don’t know right now.”