GSP Still Thinks that Anderson Silva is a ‘Genius’ and the Best in the World

The weird, professional rivalry between Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre is kind of just cute at times, as it is clear that both men respect each other and that the whole talk about their Super Fight was kind of just smoke and mirrors. It was never going to happen and never will happen, but that’s okay in our book, at this point.

GSP recently spoke about Anderson Silva and his loss to Chris Weidman and a lot of it was rather complimentary towards the former UFC Middleweight Champion.

“Anderson Silva is a genius. He wants, during the fight, you to think that you don’t even belong in the ring with him, because he’s too good for you. That’s what he wants his opponent to think. He’s a genius,” St-Pierre repeated.

“Look at that fight with Weidman. He did a lot of crazy things, but he didn’t land one significant strike on Chris Weidman. He landed some good leg kicks, but he didn’t a land significant strike that really hurt Weidman. But because of this game, he made it look like he was dominating the fight. It’s an illusion that he creates, which is very smart, because he can get into his opponent’s mind. Chris did very well. He stayed focused. At one point I was afraid that he was starting to believe the hype, but he stayed focused and he did well. Obviously, Anderson, he got caught. But I still believe that Anderson Silva is the best in the world. That’s what I believe.”