GSP on Silva: ‘Still the Best in the World.’

GSP ws a part of the Chris Weidman hype machine that the UFC was pushing when he predicted that Anderson Silva would get knocked out by Chris Weidman at UFC 162. It caused a mild bit of controversy that GSP would predict that, when one of his biggest money fights would be against Anderson Silva, but that looks to be off the table for now, anyway.

GSP in a brief interview with a Poker site discussed Silva’s loss and he seems to still think highly of Anderson, even if he lost. Remind yourself that GSP lost via a fluke punch to Matt Serra before, putting a weird gap in his title reign.

“I predicted Chris Weidman would win but I didn’t think he’d win the way he did,” St-Pierre told

“I thought he would win with ground and pound or some kind of submission but he won with a beautiful knockout standing up.

“But I think Silva just got caught. I still think he’s the best in the world.”