GSP is Glad That TRT is Banned, But Still Thinks UFC Should Do More

Somehow GSP (Georges St-Pierre) became the voice of reason when it came to PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) in the sport of MMA. Maybe it is because GSP was accused of being on PEDs so many times by different opponents, or that when he wanted stricter testing for his last title fight it seemed like the UFC didn’t care about helping him, instead criticized him. GSP spoke out about the recent TRT ban, which he feels is a good step, but that more needs to be done. Good man. [source]

I came out publicly about the performance enhancing drugs. I didn’t do that to shoot the UFC or attack an individual. I believe if you attack an individual, twenty other will come. I didn’t want to attack the UFC, I’ve always been the guy that want to defend the sport, but it’s a new sport and I believe they should do the guideline and there should be more testing because it’s a big problem. And I’m glad they ban the TRT because that was a big problem but they still have a lot of other things to do because it’s a big problem in the sport. I didn’t do that to blame the UFC. I did that to change the system. It’s the system I want to attack, not the organization or the individual. It’s the system of the sport itself. The UFC is the organization, it’s not the sport.


I believe what they should do is make it a random test. Especially for title fight or for any fight. Random test for carbon isotope. it’s one of the newer tests they should think about doing. Putting a plan or something to take care of the problem.