GSP Ekes Out Controversial Decision Victory Over Johny Hendricks

Look, I don’t like to be a guy screaming robbery, especially in close fights, but what in the name of all things moderately holy is going on right now? GSP and Johny Hendricks went to a five round decision but Johny Hendricks did so much damage to GSP, decisively winning three rounds, possibly even winning a fourth round. Hendricks started out very strong, doing damage to GSP, with them trading takedowns. The first round was all Johny. GSP rallied a bit in round two, still taking a lot of damage and easily losing the round.

Round three was where GSP started to come back, with Hendricks tiring a bit and his shots not hitting as hard. Then it came down to round four where Hendricks was once again landing big shots and controlling GSP on the ground. This left GSP in a do-or-die situation going into R5 and he did enough to take the round, but honestly, not the take the fight. The judges went ahead and gave GSP the decision (at least two of them did) and it just felt awful.

I don’t know. Then he kind of retired, kind of. Claimed he had things going on in his personal life that he needed to attend to and that he might come back. He couldn’t even decisively retire.