GSP is Very Desperate for You to Know that He’s Fighting Clean

No one likes a goody-two-shoes, GSP, alright? We’ve been over this whole GSP drug testing thing for his upcoming fight with Johny Hendricks a few months ago now, where the two camps were going back and forth on which drug tests were the best to take and prove that they are clean. We ended up with just doing the normal testing, but GSP really, really wants everyone to know that he’s going above and beyond for no apparent reason.

Today he went ahead and tweeted his WADA-accredited test results from VADA (are you confused yet? VADA is basically sponsoring him) and surprise, he’s clean! I’m not sure if he’d post results on Twitter if he wasn’t clean, but I guess this is just how this whole silly game works. At least we know that Georges St-Pierre is going into his fight against Johny Hendricks clean, not that we really had any doubts.

GSP Tweet