GSP Has a Big Announcement Coming on Friday

GSP is 32 years old now, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t really old at all, but in the world of being an elite athlete, especially after a knee surgery, things just might not be the same for a guy like GSP. GSP’s last fight against Johny Hendricks was incredible close, so close that most of us scored the fight in favor of Johny Hendricks, even if the judges ruled for GSP at the end of the fight.

This Friday GSP has scheduled a press conference in Canada where he has promised to make a big announcement. The wheels are already turning as to what this announcement could be. Could it be his retirement? Does he have a new endorsement deal? Nobody really knows, it could just be something silly, but then again, it could also be him announcing his retirement. Either way, keep a look out for this on Friday. [source]