Goodbye Leonard Garcia, For We Barely Knew You

That’s right, among the heap of releases from the UFC of late, the famous slugger that judges seemed to have an odd predilection towards, Leonard Garcia, has been released by the UFC following an epic five-fight losing streak. Garcia, who is known in MMA circles for winning fights that he most likely lost (Jung Chan-Sung, Nam Phan), has finally been released by the UFC. The UFC usually opts to not renew a fighter after suffering anywhere from two losses and up, but Garcia was special as he liked to “stand and bang,” Dana White’s favorite.

Garcia provided entertaining scraps on undercards over the years, but was never able to gain any real momentum within the UFC after his dotted WEC career. Garcia is one of many releases that the UFC has made recently, but is without a doubt the biggest name of the bunch. The 33 year-old leaves the UFC with a 15-11 career and will have to prove himself to get back into the UFC.